Bridging the gap between social media and reality

Technology has revolutionized each and every field and the field of communication is not exception. Technology has changed the way the communication used to get done. These days social media platforms are an integral part of everyone’s day to day lives. Almost each and every one individual is using some social networking platform or other.
Though these platforms are great to use, there is still some downsides that the world is noticing. And one of them is people hardly gets the time to have conversations in person since most of their time is spend on social networking. But there is no denying that no kind of virtual communication can replace real life communication.

Now to bridge this gap, a new initiative is taking place in the form ONZ Coin. The idea is still under the construction. All the preparations are going on to make it possible. The basic idea of it is that connect social media platforms with DPOS Blockchain technology. It is a great concept. It will convert the appreciation that a person gets on social media pages into ONZ crypto currency network which is going to be a transferable token. Moreover, the point to be noted is the value of ONZ token is going to be completely dependent on by what means the community will recognize it.
This will help in making people aware of the value of someone’s appreciation. ONZ is transferable. So anyone could send it is an appreciation to other people. Can anything be better than this?
However, to make this project possible, community needs to accept and put their efforts in growing it. The team working on it needs the support of people in form of DPOS ICO. All the details regarding it are available on the official website. Whosoever is interested in it can visit the website to participate in the initiative.

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