The central FLORIDA zoo and botanical garden is a 116 acre zoo and 23 acres of gardens near the city of Stanford. This zoo has been accredited member of Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) since March 11. This zoo is a home to over 400 animals, visitors can roam free and feel the wilderness and ask questions from Zoo keepers about animals. This zoo have both domestic animals at barnyard birdies children’s zoo, and also an enormous range of non-venomous as well as venomous reptiles. The newest animal is fossa which is a cat-like carnivore mammal from Madagascar. The zoo also has a splash park within the zoo. Giraffe feedings and rhino encounters are available for an extra amount (money).

Palm Beach Zoo is a zoological park in West Palm Beach, FLORIDA. The Palm Beach Zoo is a home to more than 500 animals including endangered species of Monkeys, Tigers and Jaguar. There is big space for animals. The amenities in this Palm Beach Zoo are Safari Train, Interactive Play Fountain, Wildlife Carousel, Wild Thing Show, which are used for kids and tourists entertainment. This zoo has about 70 species, though not all of these are displayed t any given time. The main exhibit are Alligator Bay (home for alligator) , African oasis (home for African animals), leopard rock, lake Victoria, lion’s layer. This zoo is open for all days .the WORKERS maintain the zoo very well. Throughout the day, the zoo provides visitors with events that highlight the animals and conservation. These include the Fang and fiction shows at the Safari, Canyon open Air Theatres.

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