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Gold is an alloy, which is soft in natural form. This is the reason that different metals are mixed into it to make it solid for jewelry form. If any metal is not added into it, then jewelry cannot be made due to unstable form of gold. The highest karat available is 24k. It is most expensive as it has more percentage of gold than other metals. A 24k gold made jewelry is very sensitive. It is often only used for display purpose. Knowing information about karat can help you sell gold Melbourne. In market there are jewelry pieces available from gold karat 18 to 9. They have different prices according to the percentage of gold in the alloy. In USA the lowest karat available is 10 karat while in UK gold lowest karat is 9k. Different metals that are mixed in gold are zinc, silver, copper etc. The name of gold mixed with copper is red karat gold. Each color indicates the metal mixed in the gold.

When you have all the information about karat you can easily sell your gold. You need to get different quotes from gold buyers Melbourne according to the karat of gold you have. Weight of gold is not affected by the karat. It will remain constant. So, you will need to know the gold weight in order to know the price. You can weigh your gold and get quotes over the phone.
If you have gold in bullion or coin form then selling gold is pretty easy. You will know the weight of the bullion and karat instantly by looking on it. You can then convey the details over the phone and get quotes instantly. Once you find a buyer offering best deal, you can arrange a meeting. You can get cash for gold Melbourne in the meeting.
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