Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme is an infectious disease caused by ticks when they bite; actually ticks are the carriers of the bacteria type Borelia birgodoferi , Borelia mayonil , Borelia afzeli or Borelia garinil . If a person is bitten by such an infected tick then the first thing which one can spot is at the part of the body the bite took place, skin becomes red but it’s not itchy. Other symptoms are headache, fever, body stiffness causing inability to move face and neck around, fatigue, palpitations, joint pain etc. There are many ways for lyme disease treatment but we will talk here about the hyperbaric therapy.

How Hyperbaric Therapy Works:
In Hyperbaric Therapy to treat Lyme disease basically, oxygen is used as the main ingredient. In this therapy, a pressurized chamber is used to infuse the pure oxygen into patient’s body this chamber is called the hyperbaric chamber. Nowadays this is one of the most common Lyme disease treatment. By pushing pure oxygen into the body the damaged cells and tissues start building themselves quickly, also it’s been proven by medical science that the bacteria causing the disease can survive with very low oxygen availability but dies under surplus oxygen pressure. The pressurized chamber as is at a higher pressure than outside also works as body oxidizing and detoxifying agent. When we force oxygen into the body tissues than the toxins, harmful chemicals, and other impurities forcefully flush put from the body.

Effects Of The Hyperbaric Therapy
Now when the body starts to heal so fast and the bacteria and harmful elements start to either die or flush put from the system, the body starts producing these endotoxins which actually represent our body immune responses, since immunity of body gains support the patient’s starts to show some weird reactions which are completely harmless. Such reaction in medical science is called Jarisch Herxheimer reaction which is completely harmless.

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