Is Vard1 – 08 kilkea the best yachts with exclusive design built with powerful technologies and equipment?

The vard1 – 08 kilkea is a powerful and robust yachtthat was build with an unrivalled seakeeping abilities, guaranteeing a well arrange safety and safety. With the ability boast an ice classed hull capable of taking and maintaining most of the challenging conditions creating a well arrange comfort once onboard.

All this remarkable features can traverse of uncharted waters for about a month at a time without stocking supplies. The deck area on this yacht and other important space contain all tender, toys and small airplanes simple for any need of emergency or little errands. This yacht was considered to be one of the mini yacht in size among other yachts because of it accommodation capacity.

This mega yachts is for adventure seeking purpose to enormous places all around the globe with an extensive design. It contains about eighteen(18) cabins with up to thirty-six (36)guests with a layout view well organized relaxation areas such as massage center. This yacht contains equipment, features and tools like:

• Airplanes
• Air condition
• Bathing equipment
• Massage center
• Helicopter hanger
• Ice classed hull
• Well-decorated design
• Pedigree builder

This yacht have an entertainment area decorated with necessary equipment and tools for the purpose of socializing between the on board crews either friends or family. With this yacht speed of about 15.4 knots and zero speed stabilizers enabling comfort when at sea. This can easily be purchase from companies that yachts for sale with only the mentioned features intact. The vard1-08 kilkea has a low consumption of fuel enabling it to last for days because of it being powdered from a diesel electric propulsion. While being powered with this diesel of four electric generators will enable it to easily control the propellers.

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