Know That What Is Carrageenan

Biotechnology is one of the branches of biology, which deals with the study of use of living organisms for the benefit of human being. In this branch scientist discover the bio-product and then that product is researched completely from its structure to its functions. Carrageenan is one of the products of biotechnology. The question arises that what is carrageenan.Carrageenan is basically a compound of family polysaccharide. Polysaccharide is a sub-division of carbohydrate. Polysaccharide is tasteless compounds of carbohydrate. These compounds have lot of different properties then other carbohydrate compounds. If explained this a little deep then carrageenan is the member of sulphonated polysaccharide. This product is used in many industries for its various facts.

Every edible compound does not only have benefits but it also has some side effects. Same the case is with the carrageenan. When we buy packed almond milk or coconut milk, we neglect the carrageenan from its ingredients because most of us do not know about carrageenan. As said by the researcher that carrageenan is sulphonated product extracted from seaweeds, is not digestible to the human digestive system. The product, which our digestive system does not accept, is troublesome for the whole body.
Carrageenan canceris one of the major issues caused by this product. Cancer is always a danger sign for life and product-causing cancer should be avoided by humans. People often ask the experts that whethercarrageenan is bad for health. The real answer is very clear from the experts that yes carrageenan is bad for health. The reason for the carrageenan side effectsis mainly the constituents, which build this product. The use of carrageenan is not limited in industry. This product has been used in industry for productions of many products. So this product works antagonistic to its side effects.

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