Let’s learn a little more about chatbots

Robotics began in the middle of the 20th century, machines that obeyed precise and simple instructions and carried out specific tasks. In this way, it was introduced into the industry and, little by little, human labor was replaced by these machines, since they were more efficient and did not generate costs for the company, thus obtaining more production output at a lower cost.

When artificial intelligence was discovered, the man tried to use it for his own benefit. This is how bots do the work of an interlocutor and give answers to many of our concerns. In social networks, there are millions of pages where they offer advice and consultation without any commitment. The bots are responsible for providing this type of service, according to a previously established schedule.
There are several types of bots according to the function that you want to give them. Those who specialize in creating conversations on social networks, with the aim of making the issue, in particular, a trend, that is, having many followers. There are those whose purpose is to generate more traffic on certain pages, entering persistently and creating congestion. On the other hand, there are those who are dedicated to creating negative concepts against a specific product.
To create a chatbot it is not necessary to have experience in programming, you just have to enter the website of the chatbot maker Amico and with easy steps you can install your Facebook Chatbot, programming your information so that your customers can communicate through the chatbot online/b> and can be cared for in a timely and efficient manner.
Undoubtedly the chatbot is the best tool created by specialists to expand communications in the Facebook Messenger bot and take the robotic technology to another level. Do not wait any longer and create your chatbot that will give many benefits to your company.

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