No Alcohol for Month- Take the challenge

Hello people out there. We know there are lots of people who are tired of drinking beer and want to leave it but can’t because of the addiction they have. To overcome this situation and help those needy people we have introduced a challenge named One Year No Beer challenge (OYNB challenge).

For those people who want to leave their excessive drinking habit and get free from alcohol. This no alcohol for a month challenge is for them. There might be many scenarios where you have tried to stop yourself from drinking the beer but couldn’t. The OYNB act as a catalysis and fasten this procedure and it guarantees that you will lose the addiction for sure or there would be 100% money back refund.

So how can you apply for challenge. Simply come to our website and make an account. You have to specify all the details leniently as our complex algorithm will try and find best possible plan based on the information you provide here. Now you have to select a plan or challenge that suits the most our top three popular plans are 28 day no alcohol challenge, 90 days no alcohol challenge and 365 days no alcohol challenge. You can select any one of it. Then you will get mails every day giving you the instruction of task you would be performing that day which will help you and your mind and keep it distracted from alcohol. We also provide videos containing methods and advantages for alcohol free month. Lastly, we would like to say that we guarantee you that you would lose your addiction for sure or we will provide 100 % refund. So, this challenge is worth a try, if you succeeded you will live a new life with fresh goals on the other hand if you can’t go a month without alcohol you have nothing to lose.

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