Start an adventure on a mega yacht for sale

When it is no longer enough to go to the beach, take a good sunbath, enjoy the sea and the typical cuisine, it is time to buy or rent a yacht or a boat that allows us to go beyond the coast and explore the beautiful beaches and islands anywhere in the world.

But to acquire a yacht it is not possible to go to a store and pay to take it, you have to seek the best advice, investigate as to the characteristics, the necessary permits, the insurance policies, etc. In this sense, we have the best solution so that you do not find it difficult to make your purchase.
In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States is the company “4 Yacht” which since 2002 has been dedicated to cover everything related to yachts. Your trained staff will gladly guide you in the purchase of the boat you want.
They have a range of wonderful yachts, among which stands out the Mayas Dugong built by CANADIAN FISHING in 1966, special for expedition, was assembled in 2006, has a bridge for the pilot, has 7 cabins to house 22 people and 5 cabins for 10 crew members and 2 team leaders, the outer hull and deck are made of steel, it has a holding tank made of steel with a capacity of 10000 L., a tank of water of 20000 L., the tank Steel fuel has a capacity of 70000 L., its cruising speed is 9 knots with a cruising speed range of 10000 Miles.
As for the engine, it has 1 internal diesel engine, manufactured by B & M, with a propulsion type, controllable tone support, and 600 horsepower.
If what you are looking for is an adventure this model is ideal for you, consult our experts and start exploring the seas.
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