The dirty secrets of the sex doll

There is a complex manufacturing process for the sex doll. There is a coating of Zinc Oxide on the latex. You can clean it by using warm water or shower. You can use it regularly after cleaning the doll. However, there are no harmful chemicals in latex so you can have problem free private times. If you have a latex allergy, make sure to pick vinyl dolls.

Why should you wash sex dolls before and after using?
There might be some harmful bacteria in the dolls that are why you should wash them before and after using. You can use water-based lubes to have a smooth sex with them. The best part of lube it will not tear the materials during intense use. Most of the sex dolls are safe to use with lube; there will be no reaction.
How to get the comfortable fit?
If you are going to purchase sex doll, then you have to choose the perfect fit according to your choice. It will help you to enjoy with speed and pleasures. The depth and intensity also depend on your tool. The dolls can make your pleasure colourful and fantastic with the help of textured ribbed inside the vagina. You can squeeze the hole with your dick; it will expand with the pressure.
What are the important points of a sex doll?
• The dolls are available at a standard size of 5’1” and weigh around 64lbs.
• You may choose between natural C-cup sized breast and a large one.
• The dolls have round booty with a glory hole. It resembles human anus.
• You can choose straight blonde hair with blue eyes.
The real doll has human-like skin, eyes, hair, booties, vagina and a deep throat. These dolls are incredibly lifelike because of the ultra skin material. It will help you to maintain the elasticity of the skin. The close-ended design makes it special when it comes to sexual pleasure.

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