Why companies should expand their workplace drug testing programs

Many jurisdictions are enacting and changing laws of tackling the abuse of prescription or medical drugs. These enactments and changes have made most companies wonder whether they should also follow suit by introducing drug tests that cover prescription or medical drugs. The standard drug tests conducted in most private organizations are the 5 panel drug tests. These tests basically screen for 5 illegal or prohibited substances that include amphetamine, cocaine, methamphetamine, THC, PCP and opiates, and not prescription or medical drugs. But is it necessary for workplace drug testing to cover prescription or medical drugs beyond 5-panel drug testing?

It has lately been noted that people nowadays abuse prescription or medical drugs the same way illegal or prohibited drugs are abused. Numbers actually show that 77% of people that abuse prescription drugs are employed in one way or the other. As such, it becomes necessary for companies to expand their drug testing programs from 5 panel drug test. This is also necessary because it can help companies identify possible safety risks that can go undetected due to the use of prescription drugs. But before a company can go beyond the typical 5-panel drug test, the company should first define the need for expanding their workplace drug testing programs.

Extended panel drug testing options are accessible through analytical drug testing laboratories. When it comes to expanding workplace drug testing programs, a company will be confused as to what exactly constitutes a 5 panel drug testing, 7-panel drug testing, 10-panel drug testing and 12-panel drug testing. As noted, the standard 5-panel drug testing screens for opiates (heroin, morphine, and codeine), cocaine, marijuana, phencyclidine (PCP) and amphetamines (ecstasy, methamphetamine, amphetamine). By expanding a workplace testing program to either 10-panel or 12-panel, it means that an organization will be able to test for more drugs in addition to those included in a standard 5-panel drug test. click here to get more information Drug Tests In Bulk.

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